Have you ever wondered what it’s like to participate in our Memorial Day Choral Festival and Parade in Washington, D.C.? This year was our smoothest yet, thanks to our amazing new staff additions! We wanted to share a glimpse of the experience with you and our newest team members, who are now part of the MCI family.

“Before joining MCI,” says Bridget, “explaining exactly what we do to my friends and family was a challenge. Now, after experiencing one of our biggest weekends, I finally understand! MCI isn’t just a travel company for concert tours; it’s an experience. It’s about achieving goals, pushing boundaries, and creating memories that last a lifetime.”

Memorial Day Choral Festival and Rehearsals

Over Memorial Day weekend, we saw choirs from across the country come together and go on an incredible journey together. Witnessing singers of all ages and experience levels work together over multiple days of intense rehearsals created a powerful sense of unity. To become one choir with 200+ voices in a small amount of time is an incredible feat. We watched them gain invaluable insight into what goes into preparing for a grand performance and how they complimented and supported the Air Force Band and soloist at the Kennedy Center with their combined voices.

It was wonderful being a fly on the wall and seeing everyone taking photos in the Kennedy Center’s Hall of Nations and the general build-up of anticipation between all the singers as we got closer to the start of the concert. Seeing all their hard work shine on stage was moving and powerful not just for the veterans and families in the audience but for our team as well.

It meant so much to us to see their post-concert glowing faces, receiving all those high fives and “Thank You’s,” knowing that they did something incredible together. This is why we do what we do at MCI. for those moments and memories.

We bring the opportunity; you create a lasting impact.

National Memorial Day Parade

The National Memorial Day Parade was the electrifying finale to our weekend. While it didn’t require rehearsals like the choral festival, individual bands prepared tirelessly before the parade, and the energy on parade day was unmatched!

With thunderstorms threatening to roll in, each marching band set up and prepared for the parade unfazed by the potential storm (if they were nervous, they certainly didn’t show it.) The air vibrated with the sounds of drums and brass, and the excitement built as more and more bands arrived at the parade staging area. Playful banter and friendly competition between the bands added to the atmosphere and this Infectious energy created a buzz that drew in crowds well before the parade even begun. It was a thrilling, almost chaotic experience to be around so many bands in one space.

Luckily, the weather worked in our favor. Seeing them pass during the parade and make their way down Constitution Ave., giving all of their energy and concentration to their performance, made it impossible not to reflect on the countless hours of practice that led them to this moment. Their dedication and talent were truly inspiring to see in person.

MCI Staff

After experiencing this weekend as an MCI staff member, I can tell you that MCI puts a lot of thought and care into these events. In both industries of travel and performances there are a lot of constant moving parts – things go right and things go wrong regardless of planning, preparations, practice or the “perfect itinerary”. We anticipate that there will be last-minute changes and surprises. It’s honestly the nature of our jobs but that’s the service we provide for you. We are ready to problem solve and make the best out of situations, to advocate for you, and to offset the burden of stress that comes with group performance travel because you’re not alone. You have a team behind you.