"Interactions with my MCI Team were GREAT! Everyone on our team was so extremely helpful and walked me through this whole process. Our Italian Tour Manager, Gianni, was AWESOME!!!! He was SO incredibly patient with our group. He is a fabulous Tour Manager and I would DEFINITELY recommend using him again. It was a wonderful experience to sing a Mass in St. Peter's Basilica, but a bigger highlight was singing the Mass in the Basilica di San Francesco - THIS WAS AWESOME!!!! Not only did the priest speak in English, but they presented us with a nice certificate which will be framed and hung in our church. They were VERY WELL prepared for our arrival. And parish staff were extremely helpful in guiding us to our places, making sure we had everything we needed, etc. This was a favorite on the list of many from our group. The quiet, gentle hills of Assisi were a welcome reprieve from the chaos of the Roman streets.


My personal highlight was being able to play on the 5-manual Mascioni organ at St. Anthony's Basilica in Padua. This was definitely my favorite place to sing because of the awesome organ! Plus the parish organist stayed for a few minutes to help me get acclimated to it, which was wonderful. The Mass, even though in Italian, was easy to follow and the priest was very helpful as well. He even allowed us a few minutes afterwards to take pictures (though forbidden for others) and made sure to show us the St. Boniface painting. They were prepared for us and had everything ready to go. It was a great experience.


We had a great time! Thanks for all your help!"


Jill M. Griffin, MS
Director of Worship - Saint Boniface Parish
Choral Director & Liturgical Coordinator - Saint Boniface School

Music Celebrations