The Gardner-South Wilmington Marching Panthers, nominated by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, were selected to be a representative of Illinois in the 2017 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, D.C. Read what Band Director Michael Leone reports:


"The highlight of the tour was definitely marching in the National Memorial Day Parade. When we marched past the National Achieves, and to hear the crowd go crazy, was a memory I will carry with me forever. All of our fans were sitting at the National Archives and to hear them yelling was the greatest experience of my teaching career. Even I had to turn my head and wave at them. I get chills thinking about it now.


The sightseeing program was excellent! The parents were really impressed with how organized the tour was and all the sights we were able to see. They couldn't believe how much we were able to see in the amount of time we were there. They loved the restaurants, the sights, the hotel (amazing), of course the parade. I was so impressed with the buckets of water waiting for us at the end of the parade.


Music Celebrations International [MCI] is the easiest tour managing group I have ever worked with. I want [MCI] to handle all our tours. You will see us again in this parade."



Michael Leone, Director
Gardner-South Wilmington High School

Music Celebrations