2017 Presidential Inaugural Parade

Thousands of people line Pennsylvania Avenue every four years on January 20th, waiting for the passing of the presidential motorcade during the inaugural parade.



Instructions for Bands

1. Only the authorized director or authorized representative of your program should create an account and complete/submit the application
2. Go to: http://www.inauguralsupport.mdw.army.mil/index.html
3. Click on “Parade Application”
4. Click on the word “Here”, where it says “Click here”
5. If you get an error message here or a “blocked page” - click on “advanced” where it will give you the option to proceed to the application page
6. On the top right of the page, you should see the “Log In”
7. Click on “Register”
8. Create an account with your pertinent information
9. Submit your information and it will take you to the application
10. On the top of the application page, click on “Parade Application Guide” for more details and other important information about your parade application
11. All applications must be completed and submitted online. Nothing by mail will be accepted
12. You can save the form by clicking “save form” or when you are ready, click “final submit” and you have submitted your application for the 2017 Inaugural parade.
13. All applications must be submitted by November 28th, 2016




Beginning with the inauguration of George Washington in 1789, through Barack Obama in 2013, Inauguration Day has always presented an opportunity for the nation to begin anew. The day begins, by tradition started by Franklin D. Roosevelt, with a Morning Worship Service in the nation's capital at the church of the President-elect's choice. This is followed by the Procession to the Capitol, the swearing-in ceremonies of Vice President and the President on the steps of the United States Capitol, an Inaugural Luncheon, and then the day is capped off by the Presidential Inaugural Parade and various Inaugural Balls.


It is the dream of every band director to be part of the Presidential Inaugural Parade, and we have the experience to assist you in realizing this dream by participating in the upcoming parade on January 20th, 2017.


Music Celebrations has handled the arrangements for many bands in past Presidential Inaugural Parades. With former band directors and managers on staff, we can expertly handle all logistical arrangements while in Washington, D.C. While Music Celebrations cannot guarantee your participation in the parade, we do have the experience to advise you through the process.


Band selection for the Presidential Inaugural Parade will commence by the official Presidential Inaugural Committee following the election in November 2016. All applications for the parade have to take place through the Presidential Inaugural Committee, and are best when sponsored by your United States congressperson, senator, or governor.

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