Company President

John P. Wiscombe

John P. Wiscombe



John Wiscombe's far-reaching vision for Music Celebrations International (MCI), founded in 1993, following John's involvement with and ownership of several international study and performance tour companies, springs from his own experience as an accomplished musician and seasoned world-traveler. John is a consummate pianist, organist, cellist, and trumpet player. He is also fluent in German and French after having lived abroad for many years. It is John's great love of music coupled with his deep appreciation for the cultures of the world that drives his passion and cements his belief in that magical intersection between travel and music. John understands firsthand the invaluable experience and incomparable education a musical-tour can provide.

John started in the travel business working as a tour escort or tour manager for large musical groups performing throughout Europe. His hard-earned knowledge of venues, his worldwide contacts, his basic understanding of performance goals and challenges, and his unerring feel for logistical detail, have all served to make MCI a premier concert tour and music festival organizer.

Under John's inspired leadership, MCI features America's most select musical ensembles—including groups of all ages—from orchestras to choirs, from symphonic ensembles to marching bands, in the greatest, most prestigious venues in all international destinations of the world. MCI also manages and/or participates in many domestic festivals and events throughout the United States.

Marketing Team

Luke Wiscombe

National Marketing Director

Kim Johnson

Tour Consultant

Cutler Boughn

Tour Consultant

Kristie Sloan

Tour Consultant

Mauri McLean

Tour Consultant

Shawn Ryser

Tour Consultant

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Tour Consultant

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Tour Consultant

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Tour Consultant

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Director of Marketing Development

Desiree Castellano

Productions Assistant

Jon Gomez

Educational Consultant

Performance Team

Cindy Petty

Managing Director - Concert Production

Erin Bonawitz

Performance Specialist

Petra Wasilkoff

Performance Specialist

Cathy Schefcik

Performance Specialist

Grace Rolland

Performance Specialist

Helmut Wondra

Central & Eastern Europe Concert Manager

Alison Moore

Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and French speaking Switzerland Concert Manager

Simonetta Belluzzi

Italy & Spain Concert Manager

Sheldon Poon

China & Korea Concert Manager

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Ashley Boughn

Operations Manager

Shari Richards

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Amy Hargreaves

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Operations Specialist

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Airline Specialist

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Taylor Wiscombe

Production Manager

Nick Reidy

Production Assistant

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Angie Conrad

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Account Manager

Human Resources

Kerry Young

Executive Assistant to the President

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