The Clay-Battelle High School Band participated in the 2017 D-Day Memorial Wind Band Concert to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of D-Day. The concert took place on the National Mall and was under the direction of Colonel Arnald D. Gabriel and Colonel Dennis M. Layendecker. Read what director, Cassandra Nelson, had to say about her experience:

"Thank you again for all you did. We will never forget our trip and I will never forget who made it happen so smoothly. My MCI team was so very pleasant to work with. They are great at what they do and made sure this event went off without a hitch. Bravo to them! The D-Day Memorial Wind Band performance, directed by Col. Arnald Gabriel and Col. Dennis Layendecker, was a beautiful event. Great variety of music and perfect choice of conductors. My personal highlight was enjoying time away with the students and watching them grow as individuals. This trip gave them so many experiences they would not otherwise have had, and I cannot be more grateful.


If you're not sure, take this trip! Your students will thank you and will make memories that will last a lifetime. Best of all, the MCI team will ensure you can sit back and watch it all happen. It was great to finish up my year by watching my students have the time of their lives. All in all, it was an amazing opportunity and one we will certainly do again."

Cassandra Nelson
Clay-Battelle High School Band

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