Under the direction of Dr. Rodney Wynkoop, the Duke University Chorale participated in the American Celebration of Music in Costa Rica! Read what Dr. Rodney Wynkoop had to say about his experience:

"MCI is incomparable! Great trip! Really lovely people we worked with in Costa Rica! The sightseeing was extraordinary, with a great array of activities, sights, and experiences that gave us a really full and textured sense of what Costa Rica and her people are all about. The highlight was our performance in Puntarenas. I am happy to report that 220 people came to hear the concert, and they expressed their appreciation loudly. There were a lot of young people there too, many of whom stayed to listen with my singers to some really wonderful disco. The sharing of this time with Costa Ricans after a very successful concert was, for me, the highpoint of the entire tour. The joy on people’s faces—both American and Costa Rican—and the lack of boundaries between the groups, symbolized all that is good about an international tour. I found my eyes filled with tears as I looked at all those joyous faces."


Dr. Rodney Wynkoop, Director
Duke University Chorale

Music Celebrations