The Utah Chamber Artists of Sandy, Utah, recently returned from a concert tour of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Music Director Barlow Bradford and Executive Director Rebecca Durham briefly highlighted some of their memorable concert experiences abroad-

"We enjoyed singing in every venue. It was an embarrassment of riches as we sang in one stunning Baroque/Rococo church after another. The choir felt a warm reception from those in attendance and really felt fortunate to have the opportunity to perform in the selected churches and halls."

Concert in St. Lukaskirche- "The venue was very good and we had a great experience for our first concert. A large percentage of the audience was there because of Dick and Brenda Miles and their church affiliation."

Concert at St. Michael Basilica- "Really a lovely venue and the choir loved it. Many of the same LDS audience came back to this concert and it was difficult to distinguish who was there “off the street”.

Recital in Dom zu Salzburg- "This was an amazing venue and we enjoyed a warm reception by all of those who were there while we sang."

Recital in the Innsbruck Dom St. Jakob- "Another amazing venue and we enjoyed singing for those were there. We also sang a few numbers in the Wilten Abbey."

Recital in Melk Abbey- "What a gorgeous place to sing! The acoustic was wonderful and there was an intimacy there that was very inspiring."

Concert in the Minoritenkirche- "This was a very well-attended concert. Julia was a wonderful host and we had a great experience there. From what I could tell, the choir had a difficult time hearing each other but the sound out in the hall was very good."

Participation in Mass and concert at St. Stephansdom- "The mass went really well and the clergy and staff were gracious and welcoming. The choir enjoyed it and it was a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to sing a service in such an iconic venue."

Concert in the Church of St. Simon and Judah Concert Hall- "Wow, what an audience! The place was packed. We didn’t really expect that many people and so it was a very rewarding way to wrap up the tour. We also really liked the venue and those in attendance were very receptive."

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