Alyssa Woodyard

Alyssa Woodyard

Operations Specialist

Alyssa graduated from the University of Arizona, with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and a Minor in Music. She also holds a certification for Event and Wedding Planning from the New York Institute of Art and Design. Her passion for music started when she picked up a clarinet, but quickly realized her passion for piano and percussion. She has been involved in many music ensembles including, jazz bands, concert bands, marching bands, winter drumlines, and praise bands. Alyssa has also been a marching member and staff member in the ABODA, WGAZ, and WGI circuits.

Alyssa has traveled on many music tours, both as the planner and as the participant, so she has a unique understanding of both sides.  Alyssa strives to make sure that every tour will leave groups with rewarding experiences and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

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