The National Memorial Day Parade took place in our nation's capital along Constitution Avenue to a crowd of well over a hundred thousand spectators. The Spiro High School Band proved to be "The Pride of Eastern Oklahoma" as they represented their state in this nationally broadcast parade. Director Amy Cumpton reports:

"The National Memorial Day Parade couldn’t have been any better. Love the venue, the opportunity, and the experience of this event. It was nice having tour guides with similar personalities of not just myself, but my parents, too. All my parents appreciated and raved about how much they enjoyed the trip because of these two men. It was a great way for all attending to 'see' D.C. and leave with a confident feeling of knowing they could return and have a great idea of what to do/see and where to go in the future.


The MCI Team is extremely professional and were always able to answer my questions/concerns. I was extremely grateful for the video conference we held at the beginning of the year with my band parent organization. MCI has my business from now on. I always recommend MCI to other band directors in the area. You guys are batting a thousand with us. The trip was well thought out, well executed, and so easy on my part. Great company, professional people, couldn't ask for anything more. Again, every 'i' is dotted and every "t" is crossed. The work MCI puts in, the dedication to service, makes my part as the director a breeze. I need the MCI crew on hand at my school!!


Love working with Music Celebrations International and look forward to any future trip with them at the helm. Thank you!"

Amy Cumpton, Director
Spiro High School “The Pride of Eastern Oklahoma”

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