The Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras and the Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Simeone Tartaglione, combined forces to tour and perform in Italy in the American Celebration of Music concert series. Maestro Tartaglione reports:


"It is clear that Music Celebrations International [MCI] cares deeply about its tours both from a musical point of view and from a touristic point of view. Each concert was an incredible experience. Performing for such warm audiences in such gorgeous locations will be a memory of a lifetime. Our performance in Rome was a well-known place for concerts by Romans. The audience was incredible, and several of the very top Roman musicians were in attendance. We received the longest applause any of us remember! Performing in the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence was incredible. I was shocked we could perform there and everyone on tour was impressed with the beautiful setting and large audience. Our final performance in Piazza del Duomo in Cremona was perfect.

I love my MCI Team. I can really see how much you care and the loving efforts you put into the tour planning and execution. Simona Belluzzi was great – she jumped in for every need and was quick and smart in trying to address issues and was really a pleasure to work with.

We had a great time, and I'd be glad to be a reference."


Simeone Tartaglione, Conductor
Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras
Delaware Youth Symphony Orchestra

Music Celebrations