By far the most populous city in the United States, New York is a world unto itself by virtue of its size, the density and diversity of its population, its dynamic economic activity and its vibrant cultural life.



In one visit, you can experience the Empire State Building, listen to jazz in Greenwich Village, see Wall Street where fortunes are gained or lost, watch the Today Show in person, choose to eat any cuisine known to man, feel the atmosphere of Times Square by night, and attend a Broadway musical.

Now imagine your group performing in St. Patrick's Cathedral, within the bustling milieu of South Street Seaport, underneath the Statue of Liberty, at the United Nations Building, or at the Lincoln Center Plaza. Perhaps your group would participate in a workshop with a Juilliard School professor, or entertain at a community center.

The National Festival of the States can make these possible for your performing ensemble. Participating groups are chosen on the basis of recommendation from state and national music educators, governors' and senators' offices and by audition. Selected groups perform in prestigious venues with maximum audience potential.

Everyone should experience New York City – and the best performing groups can, through the expertise of Music Celebrations International!





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