As usual with MCI, I have nothing but very good things to say! 


The staff at MCI is truly professional and cooperative and understanding of the smallest details that directors and parents get hysterical about. I appreciated all they did for us,making special arrangements for some and accommodating all of our "joiners" and getting people on the trip at the last minute. Amy and Cindy were super!


The travel arrangements were just great! We had a long layover in Chicago on the way over (6 hrs.!) but that gave us a chance to have lunch and rehearse in our green shirts which, of course, gave us a huge audience and clapping, etc.! It even gave us a chance to mix with another choir going to the festival


Wonderful hotels, especially the Strand in Limerick. Wow, it was super and a FANTASTIC dining room with a super meal! Really bad for my waistline! Welcome lunch was absolutely terrific!!!!! Wow, that Irish Whiskey!!!!!!!! entertainment was super as well!


There are not enough superlatives for Irwin (our Tour Guide)!!!!! Just tune into YouTube "The Long Goodbye" and you will see how we loved him and I think he also loved us! (Guides are supposed to make you think that, but in this case, I think he really did)! He was so much fun and did so many extra things for us.....he was truly incredible.....I'm sure we had the best one!


The festival was absolutely wonderful.....we loved Kevin Fenton! He was warm, lovable and incredibly really loved him. He brought wonderful people from FSU to participate in our concert. The music he chose was challenging and absolutely perfect for us to learn. The kids loved it! I learned a lot from Kevin myself, as I always do from the directors We have worked with. I would go with him again.

Carol Nelson, Director
Heart of the Valley Children's Choir
Corvallis, Oregon

Music Celebrations