It's no doubt that the Hawaiian culture has left an indelible mark in history. From the skillful, innovative ways of Polynesian sea voyaging to the ancient traditions of the Hawaiian ohana (family), we continuously learn from our ancestors.



The Hawaiian language is now being taught throughout Hawai’i schools and the legacy of the Hawaiian monarchy is still revered today. The revitalization of the Hawaiian culture continues to remind that the past clearly defines the present. There are many ways to connect with both contemporary and historical cultural activities throughout each island.

Music Celebrations International will create for your performance ensemble an unforgettable tour that will introduce you to the music and culture of Hawai’i and its Polynesian roots. Amid the beauty of the Islands is incredible history, from King Kamehameha to the memorials of Pearl Harbor. Imagine your performance group performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center or next to the USS Missouri. Perhaps you would wish a choral or instrumental workshop at the University of Hawaii or maybe a visit to a local school or military base for a cultural exchange and concert.

Group in Hawaii The National Festival of the States can make these possible for your performing ensemble! Participating groups are chosen on the basis of recommendation from state and national music educators, governors’ and senators’ offices and by audition. Selected groups perform in prestigious venues with maximum audience potential.

Whereas our usual Hawaiian performance tours are on the island of Oahu, we can easily create a customized tour that also includes one or more of the other nearby islands.

Everyone should experience Hawai’i - and your band, orchestra, choir or dance troupe can, through the expertise of Music Celebrations International!





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