Under the direction of Jenina Kenessey, the Fort Zumwalt North High School Orchestra embarked on a five day tour to Orlando, Florida. Read what director, Jenina Kenessey, had to say about her experience working with Music Celebrations:

"I really enjoyed working with my MCI team. I was very pleased by the level of professionalism, and also the quality of the materials provided by MCI. All of this was helpful in the early stages of planning/recruitment for the tour. I appreciate all the patience and help each of you provided!

The feedback from this trip has been overwhelmingly positive--we all enjoyed it very much! I've honestly never enjoyed a school trip so much. This trip was a big step for our program and we are grateful for all of your help in making it happen for us!

In two years we will travel out of state again. Let's get started planning!

Thanks again for all you!"

Jenina Kenessey, Director

Fort Zumwalt North High School Orchestra

Music Celebrations