The Mount Baker High School Choir performed in Washington, D.C. in the National Festival of the States concert series. Under the direction of Linda Moore, the choir performed at the Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, and performed for American Military Veterans. Read what director, Linda Moore, had to say about her experience:

"The tour was great! My interactions with my MCI are always super fantastic. Our local Tour Escort was WONDERFUL. My parent chaperons really appreciated her knowledge and insight. They asked lots of questions of her. She (as always) was amazing with the kids, getting them to take group pictures, and taking care of all the details for schedule which made the trip so easy for me. Performing for Veterans was one of the highlights of the trip (as always). The oldest living female marine was in the front row of the audience. Did you know she used to be a music teacher? How cool was that for me to get to talk to her!? Another personal highlight was hearing the students talk about what they learned at museums. The students and parents both came away with a different perspective than they had before. The tour was great (as always)."

Linda Moore, Director
Mount Baker High School

Music Celebrations